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Kona Gold Beverages Unveils Exciting Rebranding: Introducing HighDrate D9 Seltzer Drink Line

20 February 2024
  • HighDrate line is vegan, gluten-free, and made with the finest ingredients

ROCKLEDGE, Fla., Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Kona Gold Beverages, Inc. (OTCPK: KGKG), a dynamic holding company specializing in product development within the better-for-you and functional beverage sector, is thrilled to announce a significant transformation in its product lineup with the launch of HighDrate D9 Seltzer Drink line. This rebranding marks a strategic shift towards innovation and meeting evolving consumer preferences.

The HighDrate line has cultivated an incredibly loyal following among consumers, demonstrating its potential as a valuable asset for Kona Gold. Recognizing the significance of this consumer loyalty, the company's new management team has made the strategic decision to preserve and revitalize the line. By rebranding it as a healthier option tailored to meet evolving consumer preferences, we aim not only to preserve its existing customer base but also to attract new segments of health-conscious consumers. We are confident that this initiative will contribute significantly to the growth and revenues of our company, thereby enhancing shareholder value.

The new HighDrate D9 Seltzer Drink line replaces the HighDrate's CBD Energy Waters, offering consumers a refreshing and exhilarating experience with each sip. Infused with 10mg of THC, derived from premium hemp sources, HighDrate D9 Seltzer Drinks deliver a unique blend of relaxation and enjoyment without the presence of alcohol.

Crafted with natural and organic flavorings, real cane sugar, and a dash of citric acid, HighDrate D9 Seltzer Drinks boast a delightful taste profile that captivates the senses.

With only 7 grams of cane sugar per 12 oz. serving, each sip ensures a guilt-free indulgence, containing a total carb count of 7 grams and a mere 25 calories per serving.

"We are thrilled to introduce HighDrate D9 Seltzer Drinks as the next chapter in our company's journey," said Brandon White, President of Kona Gold Beverages, Inc. "This rebranding represents our commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional products that resonate with our consumers' desires for quality, taste, and experience."

HighDrate D9 Seltzer Drinks will debut in two tantalizing flavors: Blue Raspberry and Piña Colada, each encapsulating the essence of summer in a slim can style. The initial production run will consist of 10,000 units of each flavor, ensuring ample availability for eager consumers. Despite the swift turnaround time of 3-4 weeks, the company remains dedicated to crafting an eye-catching can design that stays true to the iconic HighDrate logo.

Moreover, HighDrate D9 Seltzer Drinks uphold Kona Gold Beverages, Inc.'s commitment to ethical sourcing and consumer satisfaction. All products in the HighDrate line are vegan, gluten-free, and made with the finest ingredients to guarantee a premium beverage experience.

For more information about HighDrate D9 Seltzer Drinks and Kona Gold Beverages, Inc., please visit https://konagoldbeverage.com/

About Kona Gold Beverages, Inc.:

Kona Gold Beverages, Inc. is a leading producer of premium hemp-infused beverages, offering a diverse portfolio of products tailored to meet the needs of today's consumers. With a focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability, Kona Gold Beverages, Inc. continues to redefine the beverage industry landscape.

About Kona Gold Beverage, Inc.

Kona Gold Beverage, Inc., a Delaware corporation, operates its wholly-owned subsidiary, Kona Gold LLC.  Kona Gold, LLC has developed a premium Hemp-Infused Energy Drink line; please visit its website at www.konagoldhemp.comKona Gold is located on the east coast of Florida in Rockledge.

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