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Kona Gold Beverages Prepares for First Production Run Set to Launch May 17, 2024

22 April 2024

MELBOURNE, Fla., April 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Kona Gold Beverages, Inc. (OTCPK: KGKG), a leading holding company specializing in innovative product development within the better-for-you and functional beverage sector, proudly announces its eagerly awaited first production run of HighDrate D9 Drinks, scheduled for May 17, 2024.

The introduction of HighDrate D9 Drinks marks a significant milestone for Kona Gold, as the company expands its offerings with these innovative beverages. Crafted to cater to health-conscious consumers, the HighDrate D9 Drinks will debut in two enticing flavors Watermelon and Blueberry/Lemonade, offering a refreshing and revitalizing drink experience.

"We're thrilled to announce the commencement of our first production run for HighDrate D9 Drinks," said Brandon White, Chairman of Kona Gold Beverages, Inc. "With robust pre-sales and a market eagerly awaiting our production, we're confident that our new line of beverages will not only meet but exceed consumer expectations."

Kona Gold Beverage, Inc., through its subsidiaries Kona Gold LLC and Covert LLC, has established a reputation for delivering premium, healthy energy drinks and products. HighDrate D9 Drinks represent the latest addition to its diverse portfolio, further solidifying the company's commitment to innovation and meeting evolving consumer demands.

Kona Gold management is continuing to revitalize the brand with its anticipated refresh of website.  Developers are working hard on a refreshed investor-focused website that will reflect the Company's new direction highlighting its recent acquisitions, new product lines, and pertinent Company information for current and future shareholders.

In addition to its announcement regarding the production run, Kona Gold Beverage, Inc. also wishes to highlight its partnership with Surge Distribution Company. Surge Distribution Company plays a crucial role in facilitating the distribution of Kona Gold's products, ensuring wider accessibility to consumers across various markets.

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About Kona Gold Beverage, Inc.:

Kona Gold Beverage, Inc., operates as a holding company in the beverage industry. Through its subsidiaries, Kona Gold LLC and Covert LLC, it offers a diverse range of healthy energy drinks and products. Kona Gold's premium line of energy drinks caters to health-conscious consumers, alongside its innovative HighDrate D9 Drinks. Covert LLC specializes in high-quality products, including Delta-8, THCa, THC-P, and Kratom. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, Kona Gold Beverage, Inc. is actively engaged in expanding its market presence through strategic acquisitions.

For more information regarding Kona Gold Beverage, please visit:

Investor Relations Contact:
Phone: 844-714-2224
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