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Hempacco Partners with Gumbo Brands to Launch a Private Label Line of Cannabinoid-Infused Gummies

26 March 2024
  • Cannabis powerhouse Gumbo Brands is turning to Delta to get its product into convenience stores, partnering with Hempacco for R&D and manufacturing

San Diego, California--(Newsfile Corp. - March 26, 2024) - Hempacco Co, Inc. (NASDAQ: HPCO) ("Hempacco") joins forces with Gumbo Brands to launch an exclusive line of cannabinoid-infused gummies, marking a significant moment in the cannabis industry. This collaboration blends Hempacco's leading-edge hemp product manufacturing capabilities with Gumbo Brands' commitment to leveraging culture and creativity for community enrichment and well-being.

Traditionally a direct-to-consumer cannabis model, Gumbo Brands is expanding its market share to reach more nationwide consumers with retail-ready Delta-8 and Delta-9 gummies. The new product line, made with a custom cooking pot mold, features four flavors and a variety of cannabinoids:

  1. Lemon Cherry — Delta-9 Gummies
  2. Grape — CBN Sleep Gummies
  3. Call a Cab — Delta-8 Gummies
  4. Blue Magic — HHC, Delta-9, and THCP Gummies

These gummies are designed to offer a delightful taste experience and provide the unique benefits associated with these cannabinoids.

This collaboration between Hempacco and Gumbo Brands signifies a forward-thinking approach to cannabis product development, prioritizing quality, innovation, and the consumer experience. With a focus on the unique properties of Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC, these gummies offer a versatile and enjoyable way to experience the benefits of cannabinoids, reflecting the brands' commitments to excellence, creativity, and social impact.

HPCO Collaborates with Gumbo Brands

Karim Butler, the CEO of Gumbo Brands, shared his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "Our collaboration with Hempacco symbolizes more than just the creation of exceptional products. It represents our shared vision of empowering communities and celebrating culture through the power of cannabis. These new gummies are a testament to our commitment to innovation, quality, and social responsibility."

Alexis Major-Allison, CFO of Gumbo Brands, remarked on the partnership, "By merging the cultural power and creativity of Gumbo Brands with Hempacco's innovation in hemp product manufacturing, we've created a line of gummies that not only taste great but also offer the distinct benefits of Delta-8 and Delta-9 cannabinoids. This product line is a testament to our dedication to community, well-being, and celebrating culture through cannabis."

Echoing this sentiment, Sandro Piancone, the CEO of Hempacco, added, "We are excited to work alongside Gumbo Brands, a company that not only shares our passion for innovation but also our dedication to creating positive change through cannabis. This partnership allows us to expand our product portfolio and reach more consumers with products that reflect the highest quality and creativity standards."

Gumbo Brands, co-founded by Karim Butler and Alexis Major-Allison, has quickly become a revolutionary force in the cannabis industry, earning endorsements from top musicians and public figures. With a focus on creating community-based wealth through culture and creativity, Gumbo Brands aims to offer effective alternatives rooted in social responsibility. This partnership with Hempacco is a step towards fulfilling that mission, providing consumers with high-quality, innovative products designed to enhance well-being. As both companies continue to push the boundaries of innovation and social impact, consumers can look forward to more groundbreaking products in the future.

About Gumbo Brands
Founded by entrepreneurial power couple Karim Butler and Alexis Major-Allison, Gumbo Brands is a pioneering cannabis and lifestyle company rooted in culture, creativity, and community. This Black-owned brand aims to generate community-based wealth through innovative cannabis products backed by endorsements from leading musicians and public figures. Learn more at

About Hempacco
Hempacco Co., Inc.'s goal is Disrupting Tobacco's™ nearly $1 trillion industry with herb and hemp-based alternatives to nicotine cigarettes by manufacturing and marketing herb, spice, and cannabinoid smokables and rolling paper. Hempacco owns The Real Stuff™ functional hemp cigarette and rolling paper brand. Hempacco is a majority-owned subsidiary of Green Globe International Inc. (OTC Pink: GGII), a fast-moving consumer goods incubating company.

Hempacco's operating segments include:

  1. Manufacturing of smokables, hemp rolling paper, and cannabinoid sticks
  2. Smokable technology development
  3. The Real Stuff™ brand of functional smokables and rolling paper
  4. Cheech and Chong Hemp Cigarettes and Hemp Hop Smokables with Rick Ross
  5. Snoop Dogg Joint Venture of Hemp-Derived Products

Learn more at

Learn more at

Order products at

For more information about the new product line and the partnership between Hempacco and Gumbo Brands, contact Sandro Piancone.

For investor inquiries, please contact:
Sandro Piancone, CEO
Investor Relations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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