Hempacco Expands Its Reach to India and Thailand, Signing Exclusive Master Distribution Agreement with CBDAY Global

06 December 2023
  • CBDAY to sell Hempacco's line of hemp and CBD products, including celebrity-branded hemp rolling papers, cones, and hemp wraps

San Diego, California--(Newsfile Corp. - December 6, 2023) - Hempacco Co, Inc. (NASDAQ: HPCO) ("Hempacco"), a hemp smokables company Disrupting Tobacco's™ nearly $1 Trillion industry with hemp cigarettes, smoking paper, and alternatives to nicotine tobacco, today announced it entered into an exclusive Master Distribution Agreement with CBDAY Global Private Limited ("CBDAY/CBDAY Global"), a trailblazer in the import, export, distribution, and sales of hemp-based products in India and Asia. Under the terms of the agreement, CBDAY will exclusively sell Hempacco's line of hemp and CBD products in India and Thailand, first introducing Cheech & Chong and Rick Ross hemp products that are set to captivate audiences on CBDAY's flagship website

These premium hemp products will be made available through CBDAY's extensive online and offline distribution channels, spanning the broader Asian region. This expansion underscores their commitment to providing global consumers access to high-quality hemp and CBD offerings.

CBDAY ushers in a new era of access to premium hemp and CBD brands from across the world to the Indian population's doorsteps. The company has solidified partnerships with world-leading hemp/CBD businesses to deliver only the finest to its clients. At the helm of this innovative enterprise is the founder and CEO, Mr. Siddharth Shivkumar, who firmly believes in the myriad of health benefits and the evolutionary potential of hemp. The startup has received recognition from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) of the Indian Government, and the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

"I envision the Asian market, particularly India, as a sleeping giant that will explode into a $Trillion industry as hemp-based consumerism becomes widely popular," said Mr. Siddharth Shivkumar, Founder and CEO of CBDAY Global Private Limited. "It is with immense delight that we unveil our exclusive agreement with Hempacco, encompassing all brands and celebrity partnerships. Our strategic approach, deeply rooted in an unwavering commitment to align with global trends, positions us to cultivate a sweeping and influential network across assorted nations. This marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey towards shaping the future of the hemp industry."

GreenStockNewsHPCO CBDAY New Master Distributor in India and Thailand

"Our introduction to the Asian market through this new joint venture with CBDAY opens up a huge opportunity to market our brands in the world's largest smoking area," said Daniel Ortega, VP of Sales at Hempacco. "We are incredibly excited and happy with this new alliance that will help us continue to develop our brands globally, and where CBDAY will play a vital role in the Asian market, which is gradually opening up to more and healthier alternative options."

The Indian market has immense potential for hemp-based products, as the country has a long history of using the hemp plant for various purposes. The expanding demand for hemp-based products is also fueled by customers' growing understanding of the advantages of utilizing natural and sustainable products for their health and the environment. With a large population and rising disposable income, India is positioned to dominate the global hemp market.

Hempacco launched a joint venture with celebrities Cheech & Chong and Rapper Rick Ross in 2022 to manufacture their private brand of hemp CBD cigarettes and hemp wraps. The Cheech & Chong organic hemp wraps come in a 25-count retail display in three flavors: Merry Mint, Lemon Love, and Grandaddy Grape. The Rick Ross Hemp Hop organic hemp wraps come in a 25-count retail display in Rozay, Cookies & Creme, and Strawberry Rozay. Thanks to the new collaboration with CBDAY, these products will now be available in the Indian and Thai markets.

About Hempacco

Hempacco Co., Inc.'s goal is Disrupting Tobacco's™ nearly $1 trillion industry with herb and hemp-based alternatives to nicotine cigarettes by manufacturing and marketing herb, spice, and cannabinoid smokables and rolling paper. Hempacco owns The Real Stuff™ functional hemp cigarette and rolling paper brand. Hempacco is a wholly owned subsidiary of Green Globe International Inc. (OTC Pink: GGII), a fast-moving consumer goods incubating company.

Hempacco's operating segments include:

  1. Manufacturing of smokables, hemp rolling paper, and cannabinoid sticks
  2. Smokable technology development
  3. The Real Stuff™ brand of functional smokables and rolling paper
  4. Cheech and Chong Hemp Cigarettes and Hemp Hop Smokables with Rick Ross
  5. Snoop Dogg Joint Venture of Hemp-Derived Products

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About CBDAY Global Private Limited
Seeding Growth in the Hemp, Cannabis, and FMCG Industry, Chapter by Chapter

CBDAY Global stands as a pioneer in the import, export, distribution, and sales of hemp and cannabis products in Asia, aligning with global market trends to establish expansive international networks. The company's mission focuses on identifying and forging strategic partnerships across the globe, thereby enhancing the distribution and manufacturing capabilities of the exclusive brands in its portfolio.

The narrative unfolds through a tapestry of 12 thoughtfully crafted operational chapters skillfully aligned to ensure synchronized operations worldwide. From venturing into New Markets to intricately weaving Networks, conducting in-depth Research, and overseeing the intricacies of Exports, Distribution, Imports, Branding & Marketing, Cultivation, Manufacturing, and engaging Events & Expos, each chapter reveals a facet of the organization's strategic prowess. The proficiency extends to the strategic realms of forging impactful Partnerships and steering Business Development initiatives, crafting a compelling global influence and success saga.

CBDAY Global is a company held under private ownership and based out of India's National Capital Region (NCR) Metropolitan area. CBDAY's flagship online store offers an exclusive range of Hemp and Cannabis-based products, including Tinctures, Oils, Gummies, Pet Treats, Pet Oils, Smokables, Skincare, Edibles, Beverages, Rolling papers and more.

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For investor inquiries, please contact:
Sandro Piancone, CEO
Investor Relations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For further information, please contact:
Siddharth Shivkumar, CEO
CBDAY Global Private Limited: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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