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Faraday Future Completes Nearly 1,600 OTA Upgrades and Product Enhancements on its FF 91 2.0, Including Many New Features Based on User R&D Co-Creation Feedback

21 January 2024
  • New enhancements include the first in-car aggregated live sports streaming feature.

LOS ANGELES / Jan 21, 2024 / Business Wire / Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc. (NASDAQ: FFIE) (“Faraday Future”, “FF” or “Company”), a California-based global shared intelligent electric mobility ecosystem company, today announced the first major over-the-air (OTA) upgrades for the FF 91 2.0 since it began making deliveries last year, comprising 752 new additions and 846 improvements. These upgrades and enhancements not only showcase a breakthrough in FF’s user experience and technology, but also further reflect the industry trends of “All-AI, All-Hyper, All-Ability, and user-focused Co-Creation value.”

One of the major highlights of this upgrade is the industry’s first in-vehicle sporting events recommendation aggregation product, which integrates the sporting events guide and internet streaming service providers’ live broadcasts. It brings a home living room experience into the FF 91.

These OTA upgrades significantly enhance the interaction between the user’s smartphone and their vehicle, making functions more intuitive and user-friendly. In addition to supporting conventional functions like unlocking doors, air conditioning, and charging, it also enables comprehensive control of in-car screens, enhancing the experience of in-car entertainment and work activities.

The new vehicle-control features of the FF 91 2.0 allow simultaneous or individual control of each door on the vehicle. One-touch zero-gravity seat adjustment allows users to quickly experience the unparalleled comfort and luxurious relaxation along with the 60-degree incline feature of the seats. Additionally, this upgrade includes further optimization and improvement of the AI assistant aiPal features.

“The completion of numerous functional upgrades in a short period once again demonstrates the strength and immense value of FF’s Co-Creation sharing coupled with FF's technology and product teams, reaffirming the unique and innovative features of the FF 91 2.0 as an AI TechLuxury product,” said Jim Gao, Vice President of FF’s Intelligent Internet Application Service Platform. “FF has always strongly identified with the user R&D Co-Creation approaches, aiming to enhance product quality and user experience.”

Feedback from our Co-Creation Officers contributed to several upgrades. For example, one of our Co-Creators who received an FF 91 last year, proposed the demand for simultaneous viewing of a video in the front and rear rows to achieve a shared family viewing experience and three-screen broadcasting. This functionality has been implemented in this OTA upgrade. Furthermore, users can now provide feedback for vehicle improvement in the vehicle using screen recording.

To document contributions made by FF Co-Creation Officers, FF 91 has introduced the Co-Creation app. Additionally, the vehicle control app has been optimized for performance, providing users with a smoother vehicle control experience.

Users can preorder an FF 91 2.0 vehicle via the FF Intelligent App or through


Faraday Future is the pioneer of the Ultimate AI TechLuxury ultra spire market in the intelligent EV era, and the disruptor of the traditional ultra-luxury car civilization epitomized by Ferrari and Maybach. FF is not just an EV company, but also a software-driven intelligent internet company. Ultimately FF aims to become a User Company by offering a shared intelligent mobility ecosystem. FF remains dedicated to advancing electric vehicle technology to meet the evolving needs and preferences of users worldwide, driven by a pursuit of intelligent and AI-driven mobility.



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