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Xos ($XOS) Unveils New 2023 Battery Electric Stepvan with Enhanced Technology Capabilities

09 March 2023

Xos, Inc. (NASDAQ: XOS) has unveiled its 2023 Battery-Electric Stepvan, featuring reduced material costs, enhanced technology capabilities, and remote diagnostic options. 

Built on a reliable medium- and heavy-duty X-Platform chassis, the 2023 Xos Stepvan is a next-generation vehicle that features several engineering changes that will reduce direct material costs.

One of the highlights of the 2023 Xos Stepvan is its enhanced technology capabilities. The vehicle features an enhanced telematics module and over-the-air software capabilities. This means that customers can receive updates remotely, which will enhance the vehicle's performance and ensure that it stays up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

Dakota Semler, Chief Executive Officer at Xos stated: “The Xos Stepvan is a category-defining electric commercial truck that has proven its effectiveness, durability, and reliability with top fleets across North America for the last five years.”

Xos is a leading technology company, electric truck manufacturer, and fleet services provider for battery-electric fleets. Xos vehicles and fleet management software are purpose-built for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles that travel on last-mile, back-to-base routes.

Shares of Xos trade on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol XOS.


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