New Carbon Capture Company LanzaTech Global ($LNZA) Begins Trading on Nasdaq Stock Exchange

10 February 2023

LanzaTech Global (NASDAQ: LNZA), an innovative carbon capture and transformation company that converts waste carbon into materials such as sustainable fuels, fabrics, packaging and other products, has begun trading today on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol LNZA.

LanzaTech says that it is the first carbon capture and transofmration company to go public in the United States.

Jennifer Holmgren, Chairwoman and CEO of LanzaTech Global stated: “Today marks a tremendous milestone in our company’s journey, as the first shares of LanzaTech common stock will trade on Nasdaq. We are thrilled to complete this transaction and begin this new chapter in the company’s history as we transition to a public company. The proceeds enabled by this transaction, coupled with the additional strategic partnerships we have signed with some of the largest energy and industrial leaders across the globe, provide a significant runway for us to drive shareholder value and execute on our mission of providing equal access to a post pollution future for all.”

LanzaTech says that its gas fermentation technology is designed to provide a profitable pathway for alleviating the significant carbon problem of heavy industry and manufacturing.

The company’s scalable technology is designed to enable participants in many industries to reduce their carbon footprint and overall environmental impact in a profitable way and to help end users replace materials made from virgin fossil resources with materials made from recycled carbon.

Since its inception in 2005, LanzaTech has scaled proprietary bio-reactors for its novel fuels and chemical production process, using waste carbon emissions as a feedstock. With three commercial facilities using its technology and over 1,250 patents covering multiple aspects of the technology platform, LanzaTech’s vision is to create a just energy transition for all.

Shares of LanzaTech Global now trade on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol LNZA.


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