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EVgo ($EVGO) Expands Fast Charging Advantage Program to Seven New States

15 February 2023

EVgo Inc. (NASDAQ: EVGO) has announced the availability of EVgo Advantage at select Cumberland Farms and Wawa locations in several states. 

EV go Advantage enables businesses that host fast chargers with EV go to connect with their EV charging customer base by offering promotions that help drive engagement, increase sales, and generate customer loyalty. The promotion will now be available in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Florida.

Jonathan Levy, Chief Commercial Officer at EVgo stated: “When EVgo first piloted EVgo Advantage in 2019, we knew it was one more way for us to deliver value to our drivers and site host partners. We’re thrilled to be able to offer EVgo Advantage™ at select Wawa and Cumberland Farms locations along the East Coast to make charging with EVgo even better than before.”

Founded in 2010, EVgo is a leader in charging solutions, building and operating the infrastructure and tools needed to expedite the mass adoption of electric vehicles for individual drivers, rideshare and commercial fleets, and businesses.

Shares of EVgo trade on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol EVGO. 



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