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Aclara Resources announces 576% increase in resources with new discovery in Brazil

12 December 2023

Aclara Resources CFO Francois Motte joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share exciting news regarding the company's resource expansion through a significant discovery of ionic clay in Brazil.

This discovery has led to the Inferred Resource Estimate for the Carina Module, reported in accordance with NI 43-101 guidelines, which stands at an impressive 168 million tonnes with a total rare earth oxide content of 1,510 ppm.

Of particular importance is the presence of substantial quantities of critical rare earth elements such as Dysprosium, Terbium, Neodymium, and Praseodymium within the Carina resource. These rare earth elements hold significant importance in the manufacturing of electric vehicles and wind turbines, making this discovery highly relevant to the clean energy sector.

Motte highlighted that Aclara's rare earth recovery process aligns seamlessly with the company's patented and successfully demonstrated processing technology at a pilot scale. This technology is specifically designed to minimize both cost and environmental impact. Notably, the ionic clays rich in rare earths will be extracted from a shallow open pit using mechanical excavation. Importantly, this process does not generate tailings, eliminating the need for a tailings storage facility.

Looking ahead, Aclara Resources has ambitious plans to further enhance the resource base. This includes adding resources at depth through a reverse circulation (RC) drilling program already in progress and scheduled for completion in Q2 2024. Additionally, the company aims to produce samples by piloting Carina's ionic clays at Aclara's pilot plant in Chile during December 2023 and January 2024. These steps will pave the way for the completion of an initial Preliminary Economic Assessment in January 2024.

This remarkable discovery and resource expansion highlight Aclara Resources' commitment to supplying critical rare earth elements essential for the growth of clean energy technologies while embracing environmentally responsible mining practices.

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