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SinglePoint Subsidiary, BOX Pure Air, Launches New Division, BPA Solutions: A Provider in Indoor Air Quality ("IAQ") and Safety Solutions for Schools Nationwide

25 August 2022
  • BPA Solutions will offer indoor air purification and security products to 131,000 public and private K-12 schools in the US.
  • Improving Indoor Air Quality ("IAQ") within schools is an essential and critical need with over $121B in allocated Federal Funding.
  • Schools continue to seek and deploy accretive layered products and services to improve physical security measures within schools and classrooms designed to enhance protection for teachers, students, and staff.

SinglePoint Inc. (OTCQB: SING) announced today that its subsidiary, BOX Pure Air, is launching BPA Solutions to represent multiple lines of products designed to help create safer schools nationwide by improving indoor air quality (IAQ) and hardened and enhanced security solutions.

The core mission of BPA Solutions is to create healthier, safer, and more productive school environments to protect the students, teachers, and staff within our nation's public and private school systems. School-aged children spend more waking hours in school than at home. Additionally, we all spend nearly 90% of our time indoors. BPA Solutions is committed to providing products and services that meet the highest standards to create a safer indoor environment for our nation's students as they return to school.

"BPA Solutions is committed to creating safe and secure indoor environments at our nation's schools," said BPA Solutions CEO Ryan Cowell. "Our core belief is that anything we sell should address real problems schools have and solve these problems for a reasonable cost, in a time-effective way. We will remain highly committed to improving indoor air quality. Additionally, we have added a new line of safety and security products to our product line. These products fit within our stated mission and leverage the network of school administrators, superintendents, and facility managers we have developed over the years.," he continued.

BPA Solutions has executed an exclusive distribution agreement with Ballistic Barrier Products, the makers of certified bullet-resistant door shields and window shades. BPA Solutions and Ballistic Barrier have teamed up to design two new products to extend BPA Solution's reach into school safety. The BPA Solutions entity includes a new logo (pictured above) and a new website currently live at www.solutionsbpa.com, soon to be live at www.bpasolutions.com. Any representatives of BOX Pure Air can still be reached at their current contact information unless otherwise stated.

About BPA Solutions

BPA Solutions believes in safeguarding the future generation by offering products designed to create a healthier and more secure school environment for students, teachers, and staff nationwide. Visit www.solutionsbpa.com to learn more.

About SinglePoint Inc (OTCQB: SING)

SinglePoint is a solar energy and sustainable lifestyle company currently in the solar energy and air purification markets. The Company's goal is to build the largest renewable energy solutions network and modernize the traditional solar energy and energy storage business model. The Company continues to execute on its acquisition strategy and is currently exploring future growth opportunities in air purification, electric vehicle charging, solar as a subscription service, and additional energy efficiencies and appliances that enhance sustainability and healthier life. For more information, visit the Company's websites– www.singlepoint.com, www.bostonsolar.us, and www.boxpureair.com

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