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BOX Pure Air Secures Sales with North Carolina Public and Private Schools as More Emphasis is Placed on Better Indoor Air Quality and Working to Slow the Spread of the COVID-19 Delta Variant

05 October 2021

SinglePoint Inc. (OTCQB: SING) ("SinglePoint") subsidiary BOX Pure Air (or "the Company"), a company dedicated to creating safe, clean air zones to improve overall air quality and general health, today announced it has recently secured sales to several schools in North Carolina. The increase in orders included both Public Schools, such as Pasquotank County School District, and Private Schools, including Greenfield School. With a growing amount of attention being placed on the positive effects of proper ventilation and air filtration in combating the COVID-19 Delta variant, especially in schools, the Company has secured multiple purchase agreements from private schools and from public school districts for fleets of units to outfit schools under their jurisdiction.

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"Schools often look for custom solutions involving different size units for both classrooms and larger spaces. Being able to offer Peak units for smaller rooms as well as the Apex 2.0 for their gymnasium or auditorium makes things easier for the school and provides us with a competitive advantage," commented Ryan Cowell, CEO of BOX Pure Air. "If anything, these larger spaces are more of a free for all and with proper air filtration being more difficult to achieve, the Apex 2.0 provides a constant added layer of protection."

As the fall and winter seasons approach, and students are forced to remain indoors the majority of the day, school systems are looking to purchase additional units for large areas in order to improve indoor air quality that would normally require multiple smaller units. BOX Pure Air units with fleet management capabilities allow schools to continually monitor air quality anywhere a unit is placed, measuring temperature and the CO2 levels found to be critical to cognitive function. The Apex 2.0 is a professional-grade unit capable of cleaning up to 4,500 sq ft and is priced far lower than any other unit with comparable power and ease of transportation. Schools are finding the Apex 2.0 unit to be especially useful for larger areas where proper ventilation is difficult and enforcing mask/social distancing guidelines is a challenge.

The benefits of increased ventilation in schools are becoming increasingly apparent to researchers. The conclusion of a recent study found that masks do make a substantial difference, but only when worn properly, and N95 masks catch 4x more particles than a cloth or basic surgical masks. The study from University of Waterloo stated, "Even modest ventilation rates were found to be as effective as the best masks in reducing the risk of transmission." While the study does reinforce that the combination of ventilation and masks is the best approach, regulating masks can be tricky whereas ventilation reaches everyone.

Recent studies have increased visibility and knowledge regarding the role indoor air quality plays on cognitive performance. New research from the Harvard School of Public Health has added to the growing body of research that air pollution diminishes cognitive function. When study participants were given an arithmetic-based test, those in rooms with an increased level of CO2 yielded slower response times. Students whose brains are developing, and are trying to learn, can suffer from poor indoor air quality.

BOX Pure Air expects to see more orders from schools, especially in North Carolina, being finalized shortly. Given the time of year, and an increasing number of COVID cases, schools need to take action. Considering the federal funding available, now is the perfect time to make upgrades to any sub-par air filtration.

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