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Attention On Indoor Air Quality Increases as Schools and Offices Continue Looking for Improved Safety Measures in Large Gathering Spaces

08 November 2021

BOX Pure Air a subsidiary of SinglePoint Inc. (OTC:SING) continues to drive sales of its one of a kind Apex 2.0 unit. The unit is unmatched in its ability to circulate and purify air in large gathering spaces such as cafeterias, lockers rooms, gymnasiums and other high traffic areas. Recommendations on indoor air quality are pouring in from experts in the health and clean air space. Students are already back in school and as their parents prepare to return to the office at the start of the new year now is the time to improve indoor air.

Box Pure Air (PRNewsfoto/Box Pure Air)

Recently, the American Lung Association released its guide on indoor air quality in schools. The guide reiterates how poor air quality negatively affects cognitive function as well as leads to absenteeism. It also goes into detail about what types of solutions schools should be looking for, specifically ones that can monitor things such as CO2 and humidity, which are easy to use by teachers and administrators.

On the office space market, Amazon's Chief Health Officer, Vin Gupta, recently discussed how he believes ventilation and air quality will be this generation's greatest health challenge, comparing it to sanitation in the early 20th century. Recent studies have shown air quality to have a direct impact on cognitive function in adults too, but many office buildings have simply been built to meet minimum standards up until the pandemic occurred.

BOX Pure Air is designed to fight these battles and is doing its part to improve ventilation in both schools and offices. In North Carolina, Pasquotank County Public Schools are already seeing a reduction in COVID cases since implementing our units a month ago and the goal is for their case to be one of many come next spring.

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