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PlantFuel begins clinical trials on its Performance Protein vs Whey Protein

26 October 2021

PlantFuels' strategy to drive plant-based innovation and redefine the plant supplement industry

PlantFuel Life  Inc. (CSE:FUEL) (CNSX:FUEL.CN) (OTC:PLFLF) (FSE:BR1B) ("PlantFuel" or the "Company") has announced it will begin conducting its first university study on its Performance Protein to demonstrate that it is as effective as whey protein for recovery, muscle growth and performance, which represents the latest advancements in plant-based wellness. 

**PlantFuel Inc. is committed to validating their products with a strong investment in robust clinical research & development. They have sponsored a human clinical trial lead by CAHS (The Center for Applied Health Sciences), one of the premier clinical research organizations specializing in dietary supplement, sports nutrition & human performance to evaluate the safety, tolerability & efficacy of PlantFuel Performance Protein, plant-based protein in healthy, active men and women consumed daily during an 8-week exercise program. 

****Using the "gold-standard" in human clinical research design with a randomized, double-blind controlled trial in 60 healthy volunteers. The study will be conducted across multiple sites (3 sites), including an NCAA Division I university. 

**This trial will have research subjects randomly assigned to either PlantFuel Performance Protein or Whey Protein Isolate control product to compare how an isonitrogenous (equal amount of protein) and isoenergetic (equal total calories) plant-based protein that is augmented with additional vegan BCAAs and an apoptogenic mushroom blend (PeakO2®) influences muscle strength, endurance/ stamina, body composition (muscle to fat ratio), recovery and digestive tolerability. 

****Additionally, a subset of research volunteers will be assessed for the effect of PlantFuel Performance Protein on blood essential amino acid bioavailability.

PlantFuel's Performance Protein delivers 20g of complete, Plant Fueled protein with added vegan-fermented BCAAs as InstAminos® and PeakO2® performance mushrooms.

"What our team of physicians and scientists has created with our Performance Protein is simply revolutionary. We believe we have the first plant protein that can rival the whey protein market and give consumers a performance-based option that is plant-based," states PlantFuel founder Brad Pyatt.

Comments CAHS Partner and Principal Medical/Scientific Advisor Hector Lopez, MD, CSCS, FISSN, "We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with PlantFuel via this SRA to build a body of evidence substantiating the safety and efficacy of their plant-based finished products for supporting peak exercise performance, recovery and promoting healthy adaptations to an active lifestyle. We commend PlantFuel for investing heavily in assuring all stakeholders that the commercial finished products purchased by consumers are evaluated for safety and efficacy via human clinical trials. This work will provide critical elements of their education, marketing, sales and risk management platforms."

CAHS CEO Tim Ziegenfuss, PhD, CSCS, FISSN, states, "Our SRA initiative was rolled out precisely for brands such as PlantFuel, whose leaders understand the value of utilizing what we call a ‘Halo of Science’ as a bedrock principle in their mission to provide plant-based performance nutrition products that may rival conventional dairy/animal products that already have a strong evidence base.

"One of the initial clinical trials we're designing will compare a standard whey protein supplement head-to-head with a PlantFuel protein blend formulated with other bioactive ingredients, such as an adaptogenic mushroom blend and vegan fermented BCAAs, to bridge some gaps in standard vegan protein supplements."

About PlantFuel Life Inc.

PlantFuel Life Inc is a scientifically focused plant-based wellness company managed by a group of successful entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in the areas of consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, logistics, and distribution. FUEL is a CPG life science company focused on the plant-based foods and supplements industry.

The Canadian Securities Exchange ("CSE") has neither approved nor disapproved the contents of this news release. Neither the CSE nor its Market Regulator (as that term is defined in the policies of the CSE) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

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