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LiveWire Group Opens European Reservations for S2 Del Mar® and Confirms Pricing and Delivery Schedule

23 October 2023
  • S2 Del Mar European pricing announced along with delivery schedule following recent Barcelona product introduction.

MILWAUKEE / Oct 23, 2023 / Business Wire / LiveWire, the leading electric motorcycle manufacturer, is excited to open reservations for the production version of their new S2 Del Mar electric motorcycle in Europe while confirming pricing per market. The Del Mar has received positive reception from new owners in the U.S. where LiveWire has begun deliveries of the sold-out Launch Edition. The company has also confirmed planned delivery dates for European delivery of both the Launch Edition and the production versions of the Del Mar.

S2 Del Mar Pricing incl. VAT

  • France €18,690
  • Germany €18,490
  • Netherlands €18,790
  • U.K. £16,990

Reservations & Product Details

For European LiveWire consumers, reservations for the S2 Del Mar will open at 4 p.m. CET on October 25, and require a €100 or £100 fee. The production version of Del Mar will be available in 3 colors: Nimbus Grey, Nightfall Blue, and Asphalt Black. The Del Mar features an acceleration time of 0-100 KPH in 3.0 seconds, 181 KM of city range, over-the-air updates, and utilizes both L1 and L2 charging technology for charging flexibility and convenience regardless of location or environment.

Delivery Calendar

With Del Mar reservations opening October 25, LiveWire has defined the delivery calendar and plan for both versions of the bike and the customers who have placed reservations.

  • S2 Del Mar Launch Edition Planned to Deliver Q1, 2024
  • S2 Del Mar Planned to Follow the Launch Edition later in Q1, 2024

A2 License Eligibility

Unrestricted A and A2 License holders in Europe can legally ride LiveWire’s S2 Del Mar due to the added benefits of the S2 electric powertrain because Del Mar’s peak power is rated at 63 kW (84.5 hp) while the continuous rated power is 30 kW (40.2 hp), which qualifies Del Mar as A2 License eligible.

European S2 Del Mar Demo Schedule
25th – 28th of October
LiveWire Düsseldorf, Germany
LiveWire Grande Armée, France

31st of October – 4th of November
LiveWire Frankfurt, Germany
LiveWire Bastille, France

7th – 11th of November
LiveWire München, Germany
LiveWire Saint-Cloud, France

15th – 18th of November
LiveWire London, UK

14th – 15th of November
LiveWire Saint-Cloud, France

17th – 18th of November
Caen Salon Auto-Moto, France

21st – 25th of November
LiveWire Manchester, UK
LiveWire Lyon, France

28th of November – 2nd of December
LiveWire Cheltenham, UK
LiveWire Cagnes, France

5th- 9th of December
LiveWire Marseille Castellane, France

6th – 9th of December
LiveWire Amsterdam, The Netherlands

About LiveWire
LiveWire has a dedicated focus on the electric motorcycle sector. LiveWire’s majority shareholder is Harley-Davidson, Inc. LiveWire comes from the lineage of Harley-Davidson and is capitalizing on a decade of its learnings in the EV sector. LiveWire is developing the electric technology of the future and investing in the capabilities needed to lead the transformation of motorcycling.

S2 Del Mar Information & Complete Specs

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Range estimates are based on expected performance on a fully charged battery and are derived from SAE J2982 Riding Range Test Procedure data on a sample motorcycle under ideal laboratory conditions. Your actual range will vary depending on your personal riding habits, road and driving conditions, ambient weather, vehicle condition and maintenance, tire pressure, vehicle configuration (parts and accessories), and vehicle loading (cargo, rider, and passenger weight). Recommended service interval: First 1000 miles (1,600 km) and every 20,000 miles (40,000 km) thereafter. 2. Prices listed include local sales tax, delivery to LW Partner and Pre Delivery Inspection. Additional registration fees may be applicable in some markets. LiveWire charges retailers for destination charges (including freight, handling, and processing) and may make a profit on those charges. LiveWire reimburses retailers for performing manufacturer-specified pre-delivery inspection and setup tasks. Retailer prices may vary. ©LiveWire or its affiliates. LiveWire, Del Mar, LiveWire Connect, and the LiveWire Symbol and Logo are among the Trademarks of LiveWire EV, LLC. Third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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