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Ameresco Announces the Installation of Energy-Efficient Solar Arrays in Partnership with Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light

24 April 2024
  • The installation of (470) 490W PV modules for a total array output of 230 KW

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. / Apr 24, 2024 / Business Wire / Ameresco, Inc., (NYSE: AMRC), a leading cleantech integrator specializing in energy efficiency and renewable energy, has today announced the installation of energy-efficient solar arrays designed to generate 230 KW across a total of (470) 490W PV modules in partnership with Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department (WMGLD).

The project is split into two separate systems, the first of which (Equipment Garage, Community Solar, Array A) boast a 124.5 kWp capacity installed in front of the meter for efficient off-site energy utilization by the local community. The second system (Office, Net Metered, Array B), a 106 kWp solar power capacity, positioned behind the meter for additional on-site energy system utilization, reliability, and flexibility.

“We are so thrilled that the construction of this important project is officially completed and are proud to be a partner to WMGLD on their sustainability journey,” said Pete Christakis, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the East Region at Ameresco. “The clean energy transition wouldn’t be possible without the help of organizations committed to implementing sustainable infrastructure upgrades like solar energy solutions that can make a real difference, both in the short and long-term.”

The first and second arrays, with respective one-year production estimates of 143,400 kWh and 118,731 kW, were financed through both a community solar offtake program and via a Net Metering Feed in Tariff.

“Collectively, we are always looking for opportunities to maximize our environmental impact in line with our power supply decisions, and this collaboration with Ameresco represents a perfect opportunity for us to continue to find ways to support our clean power efficiency,” said Vinnie McMahon, Senior System Engineer at WMGLD. “This collaboration firmly aligns with our commitment to being a responsible leader and steward to the environment.”

Construction on the project began on Friday, November 3, and both systems were completed March 1st, 2024.

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About Ameresco, Inc.

Founded in 2000, Ameresco, Inc. (NYSE:AMRC) is a leading cleantech integrator and renewable energy asset developer, owner and operator. Our comprehensive portfolio includes solutions that help customers reduce costs, decarbonize to net zero, and build energy resiliency while leveraging smart, connected technologies. From implementing energy efficiency and infrastructure upgrades to developing, constructing, and operating distributed energy resources – we are a trusted sustainability partner. Ameresco has successfully completed energy saving, environmentally responsible projects with Federal, state and local governments, utilities, healthcare and educational institutions, housing authorities, and commercial and industrial customers. With its corporate headquarters in Framingham, MA, Ameresco has more than 1,500 employees providing local expertise in North America and Europe. For more information, visit

About Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department

The Wakefield Municipal Gas and Light Department (WMGLD) and its employees provide our customers with safe, reliable, competitively priced, and environmentally responsible energy resources and services that enhance quality of life, while adjusting to the ever-changing energy marketplace. Beyond our Mission, WMGLD is committed to being a trusted partner for our customers and the greater community in promoting the use of electric power and other energy resources to achieve an affordable, cleaner, and more sustainable energy future.

The announcement of the development of a renewable energy asset by Ameresco is not necessarily indicative of the timing or amount of revenue from such asset, of the company’s overall revenue for any particular period or of trends in the company’s overall total assets in development or operation. This project was included in our previously reported assets in development as of December 31, 2023.


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