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Expion360 Achieves UL 1973 Compliance for EX1 SmartTalk™ Bluetooth® Batteries

13 March 2024
  •  Reaffirms Company's Commitment to Safety and Innovation in the Rapidly Growing Lithium Battery Industry
  • UL 1973 Compliant EX1 SmartTalk™ Bluetooth® Batteries now Shipping to Customers

REDMOND, Ore., March 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Expion360 Inc. (Nasdaq: XPON) (“Expion360” or the “Company”), an industry leader in lithium-ion battery power storage solutions, today announced that its EX1 SmartTalk™ Bluetooth® batteries are now UL 1973 compliant. This significant milestone not only reaffirms Expion360's commitment to safety and innovation but also positions the Company at the forefront of the rapidly growing lithium battery industry.

The global demand for advanced energy storage solutions is on the rise, driven by the increasing adoption of renewable energy sources and the push for more efficient, reliable power storage options. According to industry reports, the lithium battery market is expected to experience substantial growth, with projections indicating a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 14% in the coming years. We believe that the achievement of UL 1973 compliance places Expion360 in an advantageous position to capitalize on this growth, setting a new standard in the industry for battery reliability and performance. 

The UL 1973 compliance ensures that Expion360's EX1 SmartTalk Bluetooth batteries meets the safety standards required by our customers for energy storage systems. With this certification, customers can have peace of mind knowing that their batteries have undergone rigorous testing and adhere to strict safety protocols.

Available in a 12.8V configuration with capacities of 368Ah and 450Ah, the EX1 SmartTalk Bluetooth batteries combine cutting-edge technology with enhanced safety features. The SmartTalk Bluetooth functionality enables seamless monitoring and control of the batteries, providing users with real-time insights into battery status and performance.

“We are proud to achieve UL 1973 compliance for our EX1 SmartTalk Bluetooth batteries,” said Brian Schaffner, Chief Executive Officer of Expion360. “This certification not only underscores our unwavering commitment to safety but also our dedication to innovation and excellence in a growing industry. We are excited to be at the forefront of providing our customers with the safest and most reliable battery solutions available.

“The e360 battery delivers reliable and consistent power for all our customers’ adventures. Our batteries are powering RV’s traveling the country’s highways and backroads, overland vehicles navigating remote dirt roads, vans built out for off-grid living, marine vessels and off-grid homes. We back up each adventure with a 12-year warranty and ensure customers have the power they need for many years to come,” Mr. Schaffner concluded. 

The UL 1973 compliant EX1 SmartTalk Bluetooth batteries are available for order today, and shipments to customers have already begun. For more information, visit

About Expion360 

Expion360 is an industry leader in premium lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries and accessories for recreational vehicles and marine applications, with residential and industrial applications under development. On December 19, 2023, the Company announced its entrance into the home energy storage market with the introduction of two premium LiFePO4 battery storage systems that enable residential and small business customers to create their own stable micro-energy grid and lessen the impact of increasing power fluctuations and outages. Please find the press release here.

The Company’s lithium-ion batteries feature half the weight of standard lead-acid batteries while delivering three times the power and ten times the number of charging cycles. Expion360 batteries also feature better construction and reliability compared to other lithium-ion batteries on the market due to their superior design and quality materials. Specially reinforced, fiberglass-infused, premium ABS and solid mechanical connections help provide top performance and safety. With Expion360 batteries, adventurers can enjoy the most beautiful and remote places on Earth even longer.

The Company is headquartered in Redmond, Oregon. Expion360 lithium-ion batteries are available today through more than 300 dealers, wholesalers, private-label customers, and OEMs across the country. To learn more about the Company, visit

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EX1 UL1973 Compliant Battery

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