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NextNav Partners with Last Mile to Enhance Asset Tracking

29 April 2022

NextNav, a leader in next generation geolocation solutions, has partnered with Last Mile Technology, a provider of proprietary asset movement and sensor event analysis services, to enhance vertical location capabilities of their asset tracking solutions. Organizations can now precisely visualize and understand the three-dimensional movement of business-critical assets to strengthen operations, security, and data-driven decision-making.

With vertical location intelligence powered by NextNav Pinnacle, Last Mile’s Multi-function Asset Tracker – which has an embedded barometric sensor – can now report precise 3D geolocation data of any asset via API, web, or mobile applications. The enhanced service will support asset-tracking use-cases across construction applications, supply chains and logistics, and facilities management, among others, where asset location is critical to business continuity and efficient operations.

“With NextNav, we’re setting a new industry standard for the precise tracking of an organization’s most critical assets – its people and property,” said Scot Kane, founder of Last Mile Technology. “Together, we’re supporting our customers in locating assets no matter where they are – including multi-story structures and beyond – enhancing real time business operations.”

In combining IoT device hardware with purpose-built software, such as NextNav Pinnacle, Last Mile Technology has unlocked unique capabilities in traditional IoT tracking technologies. Specifically, organizations can now precisely track their most valuable assets across geographies without complex and expensive localized on-premise infrastructure or hardware that would otherwise be required to provide precise location intelligence.

“From industrial equipment deployed in the field to infrastructure and assets located on-premise, organizations perform most efficiently and securely when they can understand where assets are in real-time, from anywhere,” said Dan Hight, VP of business development and partnerships at NextNav. “By bringing vertical location capabilities powered by NextNav Pinnacle to IoT asset tracking, we’re empowering organizations to better locate and protect their assets wherever they are and use the data they generate to inform business decisions.”

NextNav Pinnacle covers over 4,400 cities and towns, as well 90% of buildings greater than three stories in the United States. Today, the vertical location network is utilized to power precise vertical location services across industries, including public safety, applications and gaming, and advertising and marketing.

Source: NN-FIN

About NextNav

NextNav (Nasdaq: NN) is a leader in next generation GPS, enabling a whole new ecosystem of applications and services that rely upon vertical location and resilient geolocation technology. The company’s Pinnacle network delivers highly accurate vertical positioning to transform location services, reflect the 3D world around us, and support innovative, new technologies. NextNav’s TerraPoiNT network delivers accurate, reliable, and resilient positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) services to support critical infrastructure and other GPS-reliant systems in the absence or failure of GPS.

For more information, please visit https://nextnav.com/ or follow NextNav on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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