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Tauriga Sciences Inc. Reveals its Upcoming In-Person Tradeshow Schedule: White Label World Expo, MJBizCon, and Kosherfest 2021

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Announces the Arrival of Product Inventory for its Enhanced Tauri-Gum Product Line

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Confirms That It's on Pace for a Strong Quarter From Its Retail Business

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Generates Record Daily E-Commerce Revenue for Sunday, July 25, 2021

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Commences Sales of its Tauri-Gum Product Line in the United Kingdom

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Commences Generating Revenue Through Product Sales on Amazon

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Introduces Two Innovative Topical Products: CBD Infused Sunscreen Spray and Acai Fragrance Moisturizing Lip Balm

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Products are Now Available, for Sale, on

Tauriga Sciences, Inc. and Think BIG, LLC Confirm the Launch of Two Limited-Edition Frank White/Tauri-Gum Versions

Amazon Brand Registry Approves the Application for the Company’s Flagship Brand: Tauri-Gum

Tauriga Sciences, Inc. Teams Up with No Excuses Enterprises, LLC and its Founder, NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis, to Leverage Additional Market Opportunities

Tauriga Sciences, Inc. Appoints Colorado-based Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Craig Loucks, as Member of the Company’s Advisory Board

Tauriga Sciences, Inc.’s Vendor Registration Approved by Miami International Airport (MIA)

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Introduces Innovative New Product Offering, Exclusively Available on Company’s E-Commerce Website - Super Deluxe Rainbow Pack @ $136.99 Each

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Prepares for Major Upcoming Product Launch and Introduces Expanded Tauri-Gummies™ Product Line

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Increases Size of Initial Production Run for its Delta 8 THC Infused Tauri-Gum Version

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Introduces its Newest Product Line: The Tauri-Gum Summertime Collection

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Showcases Blister Pack Design for its Evergreen Mint Flavor, Delta 8 THC Infused, Version of Tauri-Gum

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Confirms Substantial Pre-Orders for its 25mg CBD & CBG Infused Tauri-Gum

Tauriga Sciences Inc. to Launch Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Creation & Content Division, as Part of its Long-Term Branding, Marketing, and Monetization Strategies

Tauriga Sciences, Inc. Invited to Present at SEQUIRE 2021 Cannabis Conference on April 20th, 2021

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Sets New Daily E-Commerce Records for Both Revenue Generated [$10,000+] and Number of Individual Transactions [207]

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Completes the Translations of Its 25mg Tauri-Gum Blister Pack Into the Following Languages: Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Dutch, Spanish, Polish, French, German, Italian, Finnish, and Turkish

Tauriga Sciences, Inc. Successfully Registers on BidNet Direct and is Actively Bidding on U.S. Government Contract(s)

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Announces Upcoming Commercial Launch of its Enhanced, 25mg CBD & CBG Infused, Version of Tauri-Gum

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Expands its Pet Treats Product Offerings to 3 SKUs (Branded as: Tauri-Pet)

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Files International Patent Application, Relating to its Proposed Pharmaceutical Cannabinoid Chewing Gum, Under the Patent Cooperation Treaty

Tauriga Sciences, Inc. Converts its U.S. Provisional Patent Application (Filed on March 17, 2020) to a U.S. Non-Provisional Patent Application

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Commences Development of Delta-8-THC Infused Version of Tauri-Gum

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Assembles Territorial On-the-Ground Sales Force, Initially Focused on Seven U.S. Cities

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Completely Free of Convertible Debt

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Completes Payment for the Entirety of its Recently Announced - Largest Tauri-Gum Production Run in Company History

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Selects First Foods Group, Inc. to Manufacture its New, Full Spectrum CBD Infused Product Line

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Acquires Equity Stake in Israeli Biotechnology Firm that Develops Drugs Based on Cannabinoid Molecules

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Showcases the Blister Pack Design for its 8th  Tauri-Gum SKU, Golden Raspberry Flavor / Vitamin D3 Infused

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Completes Initial Production Run of its Proprietary CBD Infused, Peanut Butter Flavor Pet Treat

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Confirms Commercial Launch and Listing of its Tauri-Gum Product Line on Stock Up Express

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Officially Launches Two New Product Offerings on its E-Commerce Platform (

Tauriga Sciences Inc. to Increase its Marketing Budget to Support the Accelerated Growth in its E-Commerce Business Segment

Tauriga Sciences Inc. to Operate Virtual Exhibitor Booth at the CAMEX 2021 National Association of College Stores Expo on February 22-26, 2021

Tauriga Sciences, Inc. Now Configured to Accept the Following Cryptocurrencies as Payment Options on Its E-Commerce Platform: Bitcoin (BTC), Etherium (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dai (DAI), and Litecoin (LTC)

Tauriga Sciences Inc. to Commence Development of its 1st Full Spectrum CBD Infused Edibles Product Line

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Commences the Largest Tauri-Gum Production Run in Company History in Response to Substantially Improved Macro-Industry Outlook

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Confirms That its E-Commerce Platform Will be Configured to Accept Bitcoin (BTC) as Payment Option

Tauriga Sciences, Inc. Establishes Two Additional UPC Category Classifications for its Flagship Brand Tauri-Gum

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Completes Development of 100% Vegetable Sourced Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) Infused Version of Tauri-Gum

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Expands Its International Presence Through Opening of Tauri-Gum Store on the Jumia Online Marketplace Platform

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Approved to Accept Discover Card, JCB, and Union Pay as Additional Forms of Payment for Its Rapidly Growing E-Commerce Business

Tauriga Sciences, Inc. Signs Major Distribution Agreement with Online Grocer and Wholesaler, Stock Up Express

Tauriga Sciences Inc. Completes the Package Design for Its Cherry Lime Rickey Flavor, Caffeine Infused Tauri-Gum Version