PURA Announces 2022 $1 Million Revenue Forecast For New Farmersville Hemp Brand

PURA Targets 3 Revenue Sources In 2022 Under New Farmersville Hemp Brand

PURA Announces Hemp Solution For $41 Billion Green Tech And Sustainability Market

PAOG and PURA Announce Women's Health CBD Product Partnership

PJET Introduces SHBO App For College Students Into Short-Term Rental Market

UCASU Announces Agreement To Provide Cannabis Real Estate Financing Through PURA Farmersville Hemp Brand COOP

PJET Brings Sharing Economy Technology To Student Housing Where Only 22% Of Students Live On Campus And $16 Billion A Year is Invested In Building New Rooms

PURA Features Hemp Blue Jeans as Validation of Farmersville Hemp Brand Opportunity

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Alkame Confirms Product Development Backlog And New PURA Investment

PURA Plans To Increase Investment in ALKM

PURA and ALKM To Introduce CBD To $52 Billion Industrial Sugar Market

PURA Announces First New CBD-Infused Product with Alkame Holdings

PAOG Partners With PURA, ALKM and USMJ To Launch CBD Nutraceutical Product Line

PURA and USMJ Confirm ALKM Order To Produce Sugar-Free EVERx CBD Sports Water

Alkame Holdings, Inc. Announces All-New Sugar-Free EVERx CBD Sports Water First Production Run

PURA and ALKM Confirm Additional CBD Infused Products Slated For Development

PURA and ALKM Announce All-New Sugar-Free EVERx CBD Sports Water Coming Soon

PURA Issues Farmersville Hemp Brand Update Discussing PAOG, ALKM and USMJ Partnerships Including Pharmaceutical, Cryptocurrency And Equity Initiatives

PURA Announces Management Update Next Week To Highlight Latest ALKM Equity Partnership Progress and Farmersville Plans With PAOG and USMJ

PURA and PAOG Expand Cannabis Partnership

PAOG Expects To Add CBD Nutraceuticals Revenue This Year

PAOG Confirms CBD Pharmaceutical And Nutraceutical Product Development Presentation Schedule

PURA Plans To Break Ground By July On New Hemp Brand Lifestyle Facilities

PAOG To Extend CBD Nutraceuticals Reach Into $3.8 Billion Market

PURA and USMJ Confirm Strategic Negotiations To Target $41 Billion Market

PURA Anticipates EVERx CBD Sports Water Sales to Continue Growing in 2021